A flagstaff was present from the park's earliest days. In August 1894 the Parks Committee reported: "The desirability of having a fixed circular seat placed around the flag-staff, which is being presented by His Worship the Mayor, having been mentioned, the Mayor kindly promised to have this done."[1] The Committee agreed in June 1985 that the flagstaff be painted and its lanyards tightened up.[2]

The postcard below, produced by Valentine's in 1906, shows the flagstaff to the right of the ornamental fountain.

Ornamental fountain from a postcard produced 1906

Ornamental fountain and flagstaff from postcard produced in 1906

The flagstaff (F.S.) is marked on both the 1900 and the 1920 Ordnance Survey maps in the north east of the park. It is not shown on any subsequent maps.

Belle Vue Park shown on 1950s Ordnance Survey Map

Belle Vue Park on the 1920s Ordnance Survey Map

Sources of Information

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