In August 1893 the Parks Committee awarded a contract to Mr.Dyson Parfitt to erect two greenhouses and centre house with heating apparatus at a cost of £230.[1] It was reported in March 1894 that the greenhouses "which abut on Belle Vue Lane", were in an advanced state.[2][3]

On the 1900s Ordnance Survey map there were three glasshouses on the east side of the park adjacent to Belle Vue Lane, though they were not marked as "Nursery". On the 1920s & 1930s maps this area is marked as "Nursery" and comprises four glasshouses. The 1950s map shows these four glasshouses to be present, with in addition a row of five new smaller glasshouses. These are all shown on the 1970s map along with one additional very large glasshouse.

In 2018/19 the glasshouses were removed, having been derelict for some years previously.

On the west side of the park, on the 1930s OS map, on the site previously occupied by a bowling green, there are four glasshouses shown in an "E" shape, and a single long narrow one facing the open end of the "E". This group of glasshouses was still shown on the 1970s OS map. The site is now part of the car park beside the Friars Road boundary.

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