A children's playground was provided when the park first opened,[1] and the 1900s Ordnance Survey map shows the presence of swings on the southern edge of the park, near the Cardiff Road boundary. By 1930s this area is marked on the OS map as a playground.

In December 1896 the Parks Committee agreed to spend up to £30 to provide swings and see-saws, five swings to be put up in the first instance as an experiment.[2]

In July 1926 the Parks Committee accepted a tender from Wickstead & Co. to supply a set of swings for the park.[3] Again in May 1930 the Committee agreed to order three sets of tubular swings from C. Wickstead & Co. Ltd. costing £47, one of which sets was for Belle Vue Park.[4]

Postcard showing the playground c.1930/1940

Unposted postcard showing the playground c.1920/1930

The playground can be seen to contain two sets of five swings with a see-saw between them. To the right is a maypole.

In the 1950s, Ordnance Survey maps show that the playground remains and now has a drinking fountain at its centre. Also lavatories and a shelter have been added. These remain to beyond the 1970s.

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