Timeline for Belle Vue Park

This page shows a timeline for the features in Belle Vue Park where dates are known. More information can be obtained from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1892 November 3rd The site of the park formally conveyed to the Council by Lord Tredegar.
The ceremony for cutting the first sod performed by the Mayor of Newport.
The Park was officially named Belle Vue Park.
1893 August Contract awarded for construction of ornamental fountain near Friars Road entrance
1893 October Rockwork completed for water course
1984 March Construction of both lodges complete
1894 March Construction of greenhouses adjacent to Belle Vue Lane reported almost complete
1894 August Flagstaff to be presented by the Mayor
1894 September 8th Official opening of the park
1894 November Bandstand completed
1896 April 9th Ornamental drinking fountain presented by Mr Stanley Jones was unveiled
1896 Gorsedd Stone Circle erected in preparation for the National Eisteddfod.
Ceremony of Proclamation for Eisteddfod held in Belle Vue Park.
1897 The National Eisteddfod held in Newport
1905 March First bowling green completed
1907 September Second bowling green to be constructed near Friars Road entrance
1907 September Two tennis courts to be constructed
1910 Rustic tea house provided
1911 September One new tennis court to be constructed alongside existing (Friars Rd entrance)
1913 September Aviary completed
1914 after March 7th Temperance drinking fountain was installed outside Friary Road entrance
1919 August German field gun accepted for display in the park
1922 September One grass court to be converted to asphalt
1923 October Two grass courts to be converted to hard courts
1924 Wireless receivers supplied by Marconi installed to provide public entertainment
1930 Putting green provided
1932 October Council decided to close the aviary
1933 January Wireless sets to be discontinued and disposed of
1934 April 28th New bowling green was opened by the Mayor
1935 September Parks Committee decided use of the putting green be discontinued
1935 October New bowls pavilion completed
1937 January German field gun to be removed
1939-1945 Park used for various wartime functions including barrage balloon site, air raid shelters and food production
1940 September New entrance off Cardiff Road approved for access to air raid shelters
1942 April Part of the park set aside for allotments
1942 October Parks Committee agreed to keep bees in the park
1945 Council resisted removal of the park railings for the war effort
1949 December Bees and hives to be disposed of
1953 The grounds of Belle Vue House added to the park
1955 March Rebuilding of conservatories to take place
1988 Replacement bandstand installed
1996 November Temperance drinking fountain moved to outside St Woolos Cathedral
2000 Rustic Tea House given grade 2 listed status
2002 The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded £1.564 million towards the restoration of the park
2006 The restored pavilion and conservatories re-opened
2018-2019 Glass houses adjacent to Belle Vue Lane removed
2019 Building at rear of car park removed in favour of more parking spaces
2019 September 125th Aniversary of the opening of the park