Timeline for Coronation Park

This page shows a timeline for the features in Coronation Park where dates are known. More information can be obtained from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1910 August Land purchased for new recreation ground that became Coronation Park
1911 May Coronation Park officially named
1911 August Agreed to provide pitches for Rugby and Association Football
1912 March Two cricket pitches to be provided
1913 April One baseball pitch to be provided
1922 June Drinking fountain provided
1924 January Construction of shelter in progress
1924 December Decision to purchase adjoining land as extension to the park
1934 September Draining and fencing of the extension ground initiated
1936 August Football pitches prepared in the extension ground
1938 December Tender accepted to build sports pavilion
1939 May 8th Tenders invited for the erection of an entrance lodge
1939-1945 Park used for various wartime functions including barrage balloon site, allotments and grazing
1940 February Lodge reported as nearly ready to be occupied
1943 June Agreed to remove railings for scrap purposes
1945 March Thorn boundary hedge of 500 yards planted to replace the railings
1947 September Tender accepted for the construction of two hard tennis courts
1950 January Agreed that part of the extension would be exchanged for industrial land at Stephenson Street
1991 September Land set aside for dog kennels, later occupied by the Newport City Dogs Home