Timeline for Crindau Park

This page shows a timeline for the features in Crindau Park where dates are known. More information can be obtained from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1911 July Purchase completed of land for new recreation ground at Malpas Road
1912 August Malpas Road Recreation Ground officially renamed Crindau Park
1912 September Park opened to the public without official opening ceremony
1913 April Baseball pitch to be provided
1914 January Football and cricket pitches existed
1922 August Two tennis courts opened for use
1923 October Hockey pitch to be levelled
1923 December Agreed to construct a tennis pavilion and public shelter
1934 September Adjacent land to be acquired for one rugby pitch and a children's playground
1939-1945 Park used for wartime functions including allotments and ARP first aid and ambulance depot
1947 September Tender accepted to construct two hard tennis courts
1948 August Children's playground to be moved to the park extension
1950 April Athletic facilities provided including running track and sand pit
1953 December Blaen-y-pant extension acquired
1956 March 21 year lease approved for building at Blaen-y-pant for Newport Old Peoples Welfare Committee
1958 July One baseball pitch to be laid out within the running track
1960 November Agreed to allocate an area of Blaen-y-pant extension for a nursery school
1976 July Loss of 209 square metres, sold to Gwent County Council for road improvements
1981 November Ground to be lost for A4042 road scheme requiring new car park and relocation of tennis courts