Timeline for St Julians Recreation Ground

This page shows a timeline for the features in St Julians Recreation Ground where dates are known, mostly from Ordnance Survey maps. More information may be found from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1908 January Council decided to lease land for a recreation ground and allotments in the St Julians district
1908 March Land for St Julians Recreation Ground taken on 21 year lease
1908 May 22nd Recreation Ground officially opened by the Mayor
1908 June Swings and see-saws provided
1908 August Football permitted in the recreation ground
1909 July At least one cricket pitch present
1911 February Bowling green under construction
1911 July Drinking fountain to be erected
1912 May 23rd Bowling green officially opened by the Mayor of Newport
1912 Parks Committee agreed to engage bands to play at St Julians
1920 June 12th Tennis courts opened
1926-27 Adjoining Glebe Land acquired
1937 February Children's playground to be erected on the Glebeland
1939-1945 Park used for various wartime functions including allotments and ARP shelter
1942 Ground set aside for allotments for duration of war
1947 September Two grass courts to be converted to hard courts
1958 December Running track construction completed
1959 June 6th Opening ceremony for running track and inaugural athletics meeting held
1960 Northern bypass planning required St Julians to be divided into two
1966 February Tender accepted to construct grandstand at the running track
1968 May Permision granted for a model railway
1990 Brynglas M4 relief road to cause further loss of land including relocation of model railway
1991 Indoor Bowls Centre opened in Glebelands stadium