Timeline for Tredegar Park Recreation Ground

This page shows a timeline for the features in Tredegar Park Recreation Ground where dates are known. More information may be found from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1927 October Newport Corporation leased 70 acres of Tredegar Pak from Lord Tredegar for public recreation
1928 February Agreed to provide two pitches for Rugby Football, two pitches for Association Football and facilities for cricket
1928 September 28th Official opening by the Mayor of Newport
1930 October Tender accepted for construction of entrance gates, Park Ranger's cottage and Bowls Pavilion
1930 December Quotations accepted to supply children's playground equipment
1930 December Quotations accepted for supply of equipment for the tennis courts
1931 June 18th Formal opening of new gates and games facilities by the Mayor
1932 October Miniature golf course under construction
1934 April Turning circle for buses to be constructed at the recreation ground entrance
1939-1945 Park used for various wartime functions including food production, allotments and occupation by Royal Air Force
1941 Royal Air Force presence and the Parks Superintendent reported that damage to paths
1959 May Lease to be renewed for a further 99 years
1962 October 7 acres to be lost, cut off by a new road, and 3.9 acres acquired from Tredegar Park Golf Club
1974 June Paddling pool under construction
1977 January Recreation ground renamed "Tredegar Park Sports Ground" after Newport Council acquired Tredegar House and Country Park
1978 February Skate board rink to be provided
1986 April Six tennis courts to be resurfaced